Breed healthy Labrador Retriever…

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Benny (l.) and Easy (r.)


… that’s what I am actually thinking about.

As a budding breeder one has very specific ideas about this subject for sure, especially when reading that nowadays more genetic tests for dogs became available than there were a few years ago.

And so we are already on the subject:
I got to know opinions saying that more applied genetic tests with breeding dogs mean more safety for breeders, but also the publication of a specific dog’s genetic test results could scare away potential puppy buyers – in our case friends of the breed Labrador Retriever. It is feared that buyers could get the impression that our lovely breed would have too many diseases.

But the contrary is the case!

Every breeder, who is member in a breeding club that is affiliated with the German Kennel Club (Verband für das Deutsche Hundewesen / VDH e.V.), is committed to comply with the rules of that association and with higher statutory provisions – in this case the breeding regulation of the Labrador Club Germany (Labrador Club Deutschland / LCD e.V.).
By a large number of genetic tests that became available for all pedigree dogs, it is now possible to prevent the mating of breeding dogs carrying a specific gene that could cause their offspring to develop a specific disease when passed on to them. These preventive tests become crucial since the breeding dogs do not necessarily show any evidence of the genetic disorder themselves.

With the above mentioned publication of the genetic test results of our dogs on private websites and within the database of the LCD e.V., the interested reader and potential buyer will – in my opinion – get the positive impression that breeder and association handle together with responsibility in the regard of dog breeding. Because healthy breeding dogs and carefully planned matings are good prerequisites to mostly avoid breed specific diseases. (Please refer to the explanations (click on colored shortcuts) of health results and genotypes in the profile of our female dog “Easy”.)

By the way, most of the more than 300 dog breeds have their breed specific diseases.

In my opinion our interested readers and dog buyers have the right to know everything about the breed dogs. Since only transparency creates trust – a trust that is essential for a good trade.
The dogs that are bred by us shall accompany their humans as family dogs for many years, they shall show their working abilities as hunting companions and be honorable representatives of their breed on shows.
But most importantly, they shall be healthy for a whole dog life.

We need to fulfill this wish by ourselves!

Michaela Gadkowsky

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