Profile: Easy

Our sunshine Easy

came into the world on 11th of November 2013 at kennel Schwabissimos
with the name Easy to love you.

When we saw her for the first time, we already knew: „This is our dog!“

It is exactly like her name expresses and promises: everything is easy with her. She is very vivacious, but also feels a need to be obedient. Additionally, she learns very quick and likes to show us what she has learned with great pleasure. Her stamina while playing and learning, her open-minded and friendly nature as well as her lovely devotion delights us day by day.

Easy – we love you

IMG_7071b Kopie2_1600

1st place in the Intermediate class in Diedersdorf in May 2015


Breeding book No.: VDH/LCD 13/U1636          Breeding permission: August 27, 2015

Born on 11th of November 2013

Health values:

HD: A2 / A2 ( normal )
ED: 0 / 0  ( normal )

Color: black – carries yellow

Explanation of the Genotypes

PRCD-PRA: N/N (normal by parentage)
RD (OSD): N/N (normal by parentage)
EIC genetic test: N/N (normal by parentage)
HNPK genetic test: N/N (normal)
CN-Myopathie: N/N (normal)
SD 2 – genetic test: N/N (normal)
Teeth: scissor bite / full dentition
DNA profile: created by LABOKLIN on March 13, 2015
Eye examination: on April 3 2017 – free from all eye diseases"
Character trial: passed on June 29, 2014
Conformation examination: very good




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Breeding Permission:


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