Profile: Bobby

La-Luna’s Starlight Eyecatcher „Bobby“

Bobby was our first Labrador. It took us a long time to find the right puppy, which has taken after the ideal and gorgeous stud dog Devonshires Stash, and whose mom has pleased us as well.

Finally, we chose the kennel La-Luna’s Starlight in the Harz (highest mountain range in Northern Germany).

Our Bobby was born there on 15th of March 2010.

Since day one, Bobby was a real eyecatcher with his impressive, reddish-yellow coat color.

It was a pleasure to educate and train him and he adapted any situation easily. Very soon, we could not imagine life without him.

Bobby was calm and considerate while in the house, but outside he wanted to turn up. He loved to retrieve things out of the water or just swimming. Towards people he was interested and friendly. Everyone, who got to know this dog with his unique, wonderful manner and his inherited labrador-typical nature, liked him immediately.

Bobby has been a very brave and lovely dog. Whenever possible, wherever we went, we took our Bobby with us.

Bobby passed away suddenly on the morning of the 6th March 2015 due to the side effects of a veterinary prescribed medication. We neither saw it coming, nor would have expected this!
He died as he lived – calmly and gently… fallen asleep in peace. He has been a wonderful dog and a true, animal friend!

IMG_6525 Kopie_1600

Breeding book No.: VDH/LCD 10/R0383 (LCD database)

Born on 15th of March 2010 / Died on 6th of March 2015

HD : A2 / A2
ED : 0 / 0

Color: homozygous yellow
PRCD-PRA: N/N (normal by parentage)
CN-Myopathie: N/N (normal)
EIC genetic test: N/m (carrier)
HNPK genetic test: N/N (normal)
Teeth: scissor bite / full dentition
DNA profile: has been created
Eye examination: February 13, 2013
Character trial:   passed (Link)
Conformation examination:   excellent (Link)

Breeding permission granted on April 29, 2013



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