Profile: Benny


Benny our whirlwind,

was born on 1st of March 2012 with the name „Eagle Spirit“ at the polish kennel Herbu Zadora (F.C.I.).

He is the typical example for a „dual purpose“ Labrador Retriever and combines the characteristics of a Labrador from show-line and work-line. Especially noteworthy, however, is his eagerness to work:
At one moment he stands very patiently and accurate in front of the camera, but the next one he already runs with enthusiasm over the meadows when he receives the command to bring the dummy back to his leader. If you photograph this tireless dog, you will see the same enthusiasm and vim even on the twentieth or the thirtieth action picture as on the first snapshot.

Benny’s biggest strength is the search for traces. He searches unerringly but also with endurance.

Furthermore, he has a deep-rooted, irrepressible urge to follow the instructions of his people immediately, because his labrador-typical will to please is very pronounced. Thus, for example, while running rapidly he stops, turns around and instantly performs the respective command. No matter what he is asked for, he does it in a breeze that pleases us again and again.

Benny is an eagerly interested dog, fully intrepid and with a strong desire to move and discover, while being very good-natured and playful. Once he behaves mischievously and has thereby overstepped the mark, he usually comes by himself and asks for „good weather“.

The DRC e. V.’s judge, Ms. Anja Ballwieser, described his character very appropriately.
See the article at our former picture blog!

Just one thing within the protocol of the character trail does no longer apply today – as it says: „… he is sometimes willing to subordinate …“. Well today it should be: „ … Benny subordinates easily and one might say that it gives him much pleasure …“.

Now, in 2014, Benny has developed into a dog that every dog owner would highly appreciate.

Our Benny is the perfect family dog, but he will never become a stud dog.



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